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Royal Administration Services, Inc.

51 Mill Street ~ Building F
Hanover, MA 02339

Phone:  800-871-0467
Fax: 781-261-2522

For Claim Initiation & General Inquiries call: 1-800-871-0467
Or Reach us via email at:

For Customer Concerns Contact:
Donna Maiuri at 800-871-0467 ext 2646

For Sales Support Inquiries you may contact:
Sales Support:  1-800-226-9197
Or reach via email at:
Chris Amico - Internal Sales Support Manager

1-800-871-0467 ext. 2620

For Marketing and Business Development you may contact:
Jim Donovan - National Accounts Manager

1-800-871-0467 ext. 2615

24 Hour Roadside Assistance benefits provided by: Quest Towing Services, Inc.  


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