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Are you a Current Royal Client?

Need Vehicle Coverage?

We offer a range of automotive service plans for new and used vehicles that provide exceptional protection against repair costs. Our plans are backed by more than 50 years of dependability and customer satisfaction. We offer a world-class service organization, marketing, training, and a complete line of services. We have plans to fit most every vehicle and consumer budget.

Why You Need A Vehicle Service Contract

If your vehicle breaks down, repairs can be costly.

Here are some prices for common parts that fail on a vehicle.


The Benefits of a Royal Vehicle Service Contract

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No Credit Check


Payment Plans
Up to 24 Months
Royal Site IconAsset 8_2x.png
High Mileage Coverage*
$0 Deductible at Preferred Service Centers


Royal Site IconAsset 5_2x.png
Transferable Contracts**
Royal Site IconAsset 6_2x.png
Cancel Any Time***
Royal Site IconAsset 4_2x.png
Trip Interruption Coverage†
Royal Site IconAsset 1_2x.png
Rental Car & Roadside††

*No vehicle year limitation Vehicles up to 175,000 miles are eligible, **Contract is re-assignable to new owner of vehicle with $50 transfer fee, ***If contract was paid in full, prorated amount is reimbursed, † Trip interruption: reimbursed for a portion of lodging and meals if a breakdown occurs more than 100 miles away from home, †† Rental car & 24hr Roadside assistance (towing, dead battery, lockout service, fuel delivery

Why You Should Chose Royal



Royal plans were designed to address your needs by utilizing information from thousands of customer claims. Each plan is specifically tailored into component groups that are proved to meet a wide range of customer expectations. ​

At Royal, because we specialize in providing customer satisfaction, our plans were developed with your needs in mind.


Royal utilizes a state of the art call center to ensure that when you need our help, we are available. While many companies service multiple types of insurance products, the Royal call center specializes in automotive claims.

Our staff is dedicated to your needs and the needs of your automobile.


Royal has specifically designed your contract to be as clear and concise as possible. Consumers are often frustrated because contracts are filled with gray areas and confusing language.

At Royal you can be assured that the coverage you have selected is the coverage you will receive.

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