What happens if you breakdown?

If your vehicle requires Roadside Assistance, you must contact the Roadside Assistance Processing Center for prior approval and assistance.

Your Roadside Assistance number was provided in your Service Contract Welcome Letter.

Roadside Assistance number:

Quest Towing – 855.513.5184

Please Note: The Emergency Roadside Assistance benefit is not intended to provide reimbursement of service secured independently of this program. Fees for services incurred independently of this program are NOT covered.

Please refer to the Benefits section of your Service Contract for a detailed explanation of this coverage. 

If your Vehicle incurs a Breakdown, you must take the following steps to file a claim.

  1. Prevent Further Damage - Take immediate action to prevent further damage. Your Service Contract will not cover the damage caused by not securing a timely repair when a Breakdown has occurred. 

  2. Take your Vehicle to a licensed repair facility of your choice.

  3. Provide the repair facility with a copy of your Service Contract and/or your Service Contract Number.

  4. Obtain authorization from the ADMINISTRATOR - Prior to any repair being made, instruct the service manager at the repair facility to contact the ADMINISTRATOR to obtain an authorization for the claim. Claims for repairs without prior authorization will not be covered.

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