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Royal Drive

Royal Drive is a fully insured product backed by

more than 30 years of dependability. Whether you

need repairs to your car as a result of a mechanical

breakdown, roadside assistance or have general

questions regarding your coverage, We’re there

with the expertise to resolve any issues quickly. All

Royal claims associates are experts in the field and

have decades of experience in automotive claims

and repair. With our state-of-the-art call center and

our national coverage, immediate response to your

needs are met.


Plan Benefits Include:

  • New Vehicle Protection

  • Lease Vehicle Protection

  • Pre-Owned Vehicle Protection

  • Substitute Transportation

  • 24-Hour Roadside Assistance

  • 100% Fully Insured

  • 25 Years of Dependable

  • National Coverage

Facts every automobile owner should know

  • The average person drives 15,000 miles per year, dropping most owners out of factory warranty within 2.5 years.

  • The average buyer will own a new vehicle for 7 years exposing the owner to significant repair costs for 4.5 years.


Now you can get extended protection for your new or pre-owned vehicle. Royal Protect Vehicle Protection is the choice for coverage, flexibility, and value with a selection of program levels designed to fit any vehicle or budget

Royal Drive – Ignition
The following component groups are covered.*

1. Engine

The following are covered if damage is caused by the mechanical failure of an internally lubricated part: Cylinder Block, Cylinder Head(s), and Water Pump. All internal components of engine block and cylinder heads, including but not limited to Camshaft, Crankshaft, Pistons, Bearings.

2. Automatic or Standard Transmission & Transfer Case

The internal components of the Automatic Transmission or Manual Transmission. Drive Chain, Drive Chain Gears, Carrier Bearings, Internal Transaxle Seal. The Manual Transmission Case and Automatic Transmission Case and Torque Converter are covered, if damaged by the failure of internally lubricated parts. Transfer Case, Drive Chain, Drive Chain Gears, Planetary Gears, Shift Rail Forks, Bearings, Bushings, Oil Pump, Output Shaft, Main Shaft, and all internal lubricated parts.

3. Seals & Gaskets

Seals and Gaskets are covered only for those parts listed in component groups 1-2, provided that they are required in connection with the repair of a covered part.


Note: Leaking or seepage of seals and gaskets is considered wear and tear and is not covered under this Service Contract

*See contract for coverage details.

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