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Royal News

Royal Administration Services is proud to announce

our new partnership with Powerband.

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Royal Admin entered the agreement with PowerBand’s strategic partner and investor, Texas-based D&P Holdings, Inc. (“D&P”). Under the agreement Royal Admin will direct dealerships to the PowerBand digital transaction platform, which allows drivers and dealers to buy, sell, lease and trade vehicles from a smart phone and other digital device, as easily as buying a product on Amazon.


Founded more than 30 years ago, Royal Admin is licensed in all 50 states and has access to more than 80,000 vehicle service centers across the United States. Royal will receive a fee for each referral.


“This is a further extension of our ability to offer insurance and warranty products to drivers and dealers on the PowerBand digital transaction platform,” said PowerBand CEO Kelly Jennings. “We now have a network of partners in the automotive insurance sector who will be referring PowerBand to thousands of dealers, who can reach millions of consumers.”


Previously, PowerBand announced that the Comprehensive Auto Resources Company, Inc. (“CARco”), one of the United States’ leading administrators of automobile protection products, will be promoting PowerBand’s virtual transaction platform to auto dealers across the United States.


CARco, which works with six national insurance. companies and more than 1,000 agents are also working with D&P Holdings, Inc. (“D&P”). D&P is one of the United States’ largest administrators of automotive warranty and insurance products, directly working with more than 850 dealerships in all 50 states. It has partnered with PowerBand, allowing consumers to now have access to Royal. Admin, CARco and D&P vehicle protection and insurance products when. They buy, lease, sell or trade vehicles on Powerband from their smart phone and other digital devices, from any location, they will.


“PowerBand is an entirely new way for drivers to acquire or sell a car and we wanted to be part of this. Industry breakthrough,” said Dominic Sansone EVP Royal Admin “We are confident that dealers will be motivated to offer our products to their customers using PowerBand.”


PowerBand’s US leasing operation, operated by MUSA Holdings, LLC (“MUSA”), which PowerBand acquired a 60 per cent share of in July 2019, began x. Founded in 2016, MUSA’s innovative transaction platform provides dealers and consumers with the most advanced leasing options in the industry. MUSA takes applications, calculates leases, auto-decisions applications, provides approvals back to dealer partners and prefills lease contracts accurately. Approvals can occur in seconds. As a result of its proprietary technology, MUSA was awarded a contract by Tesla Motors to become a national leasing partner in 2018.

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