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Buyer's Choice

Buyer's Choice, Inc. provides a warranty to the discriminating used car buyer who is looking to protect their investment. Our warranty programs are tailored specifically to the needs of the used car buyer and as a national leader in the warranty industry, customer service is our highest priority. Our programs are designed with the intent of giving you "Peace of Mind Down the Road."

Buyer's Advantage Plan:

Gasoline/Diesel Engine

All internally lubricated parts, including:
pistons, piston rings and pins, crankshaft and main bearings, connecting rods and rod bearings, camshaft and bearings, oil pump, timing chain and/or gears, rocker arms, valves, valve springs, seats and guides, valve push rods, lifters, water pump, thermostat and fuel injector nozzles. Engine block, cylinder head covered only if damaged by an internally lubricated part. Seals and Gaskets are covered when replaced in conjunction with a covered repair.

Drive Axle

All internally lubricated parts contained within the front & rear differential housings. Seals and Gaskets are covered when replaced in conjunction with a covered repair. 

NOTE: Engine oil, power steering fluid, antifreeze, and transmission fluid are not covered under the Standard Program. 

Transmission/Transfer Case

Transmission case and transfer case(covered by the failure of an internally lubricated part). All internal lubricated parts including: bands, clutch pack, gears, pumps, shafts, shift forks, shift rails, synchronizers, solenoids. Torque converter and vacuum modulator. Seals and Gaskets are covered when replaced in conjunction with a covered repair.

The Royal Advantage

100% Guaranteed. 
You can depend on Royal to be strong and stable when other automotive service companies are long gone. Our plans are solidly backed by carriers that are Rated A+ by A.M. Best.


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